1200 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan

A 1200 Calorie diabetic diet Plan is central to many dieters trying to lose weight. Why 1200 Calories? Simple, this is the amount of calories many women (and some smaller men) can safely consume to lose weight. Thus, the 1200 calorie diet is one of the most popular methods of meal planning for women to … Read more

Top Atkins Diet Meal Plans

Where do you find the best Atkins Diet meal plan? The answer to this question is not as easy as it should be for such a popular and long lasting diet. This is not a simple diet. Most people who start the Atkins Diet, or similar, are not accomplished dieticians. So, getting the right meal … Read more

Diabetic Meal Plan Guide

Finding the best diabetic diet meal plan just got easier. We have reviewed many different diet options, but the one central problem is always finding a system that can be implemented easily. In other words, it is tremendously difficult to find the right diet with a workable meal plan. We ordered the Diabetic Friendly Meal … Read more

Sooil DANA Diabecare IIS Insulin Pump Review

The DANA Diabecare IIS insulin pump is one of three pumps currently in production by Sooil Corporation. The IIS is the only pump available in the United States. The pump is touted as a good alternative to more expensive pumps as the pump typically retails for 25%-35% less than other competitors. The question is whether … Read more

Accu-Chek Spirit Insulin Pump

NOTICE: This pump has been discontinued or will be shortly by the Spirit Combo Model: The Accu-Chek Spirit insulin pump is a popular pump on the market today. The company has some of the best marketing material available and does an excellent job conveying not only the features of the insulin pump, but the benefits … Read more

UK Diabetes Crisis!

According to recent numbers released in the United Kingdom, type 2 diabetes in people under 40 years old has increased 600 percent over the last 20 years! Currently, it is estimated that 25,000 people a year, under 40, are diagnosed with diabetes each year in the UK. The cause? Well, most health officials are pointing … Read more

A Soda a Day, Brings the Doctor Your Way!

A recent European study found that consuming just ONE soda a day can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22 percent! This study supports United States based research that has found the risk a little higher at up to 25 percent increased risk. How can just one soda do all this? Well, … Read more

Do you Love New York? Well, Diabetes Does!

Recently, the New York Health Department reported that the instances of diabetes related deaths in the City has DOUBLED in the last 20 years to approximately 5,695 in 2011. Even more disturbing is that the instances of type 2 diabetes has increased almost 44 percent in the last 10 years from approximately 450,000 cases up … Read more