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Comparison of Blood Glucose Meters

glucose-meter-comparisonLooking for a comparison of blood glucose meters? Wondering what the best blood glucose meter is? Where can you find top meter reviews? Look no further.

This page list all of the best glucose meters and their key attributes and features in an easy to read table format.

If you would prefer to read individual meter reviews, please click on the meter name or go to our glucose meter review section here, which lists all of the top meters and their manufacturers.

Choosing the right meter is not easy. Take some time to learn about your choices, so you can make the best decision for you.

Select Meter Type

Click on the individual meter name for a full review and technical specifications. The 2-in-1 meters are either ketone and glucose testing or blood pressure and glucose testing.[wptab name=’Compact Meters’][table id=345 /][/wptab][wptab name=’Conventional Meters’][table id=350 /][/wptab][wptab name=’Advanced Meters’][table id=357 /][/wptab][wptab name=’Specialty Meters’][table id=360 /][/wptab][wptab name=’Talking Meters’][table id=359 /][/wptab][wptab name=’Wireless Meters’][table id=356 /][/wptab][wptab name=’2-in-1 Meters’][table id=349 /][/wptab][end_wptabset]

Cold Weather Meters Comparisons

These glucose meters are good for you cold weather folks. Remember, you also have to make sure you store the test strips at an appropriate temperature. Nonetheless, if you like to hit the slopes, snowmobile or just live in a cold climate, check these options out

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Hot Weather Meter Comparisons

Feeling, hot, hot, hot! Okay, these meters are for you sun lovers or desert dwellers. If you need a meter to work when the heat is on, these meters have you covered. All of the glucose meters are rated for at least 110° F.
[table id=342 /]

Memory Glucose Meter Comparison

Thanks for the memories! The following glucose meters store a lot of test results. These meters are great for those of you who don’t want to keep a log book or use data management software. All of the following meters store at least 750 tests.

[table id=343 /]

Backlit and Color Screen Glucose Meter Comparison

Let there be light! Sometimes you need a little extra help or convenience of a backlit or color screen. These meters help you get the job done in low light situations.
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