Humulin Insulin

humalin insulin

Humulin insulin is the brand name of a group of synthetic insulin products originally developed by Genetech, but later sold to Eli Lilly and Company. Humulin products have been around for years but are slowly being discontinued and replaced by more modern choices. For example, Humulin 50/50 (2009) and Humulin L (2006) and Humulin U … Read moreHumulin Insulin

Humalog Insulin

humalog insulin

Humalog insulin is the brand name for a type of synthetic insulin used to treat many diabetics. The generic terms of this type of insulin is lispro insulin from rDNA origin. The Insulin is produced by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company. Like all synthetic insulin, it is delivered via subcutaneous injection. Most humalog … Read moreHumalog Insulin

Diabetic Coma Symptoms – Educate and Inform

coma symptoms

Diabetic Coma Symptoms can be very challenging to recognize. The problem stems from the fact that the signs and symptoms are often seemingly harmless and ignored. There are a couple of different ways a diabetes related coma can develop and the signs change slightly depending upon the individual circumstances. A diabetic coma can result typically … Read moreDiabetic Coma Symptoms – Educate and Inform