Lifescan Blood Glucose Meter – The OneTouch Phenomena!

onetouch-ultra-2-blood-glucose-monitorThe Lifescan blood glucose meter family of products, called the OneTouch, is the company’s sole line of business. LifeScan is completely focused on diabetes testing. In fact, over three million people use OneTouch glucose meters to manage their diabetes daily.

Despite its smaller testing focus, LifeScan is actually part of a much larger corporate umbrella owned by Johnson & Johnson.

The Onetouch meters fill the gamut from small, simple portable models, all the way to hyper sophisticated models that work wirelessly with insulin pumps.

Let’s take a look at the current models being offered.


I like the One Touch glucose meter family of products. The company does a good job explaining the differences of each meter and why one particular meter is different than the other. Interestingly, most companies do not take the time to do this. There are currently four OneTouch Meters.
OneTouch UltraMini. This is one small glucose meter and comes in multiple “hot” colors. It is small, fast, and easy to use.

OneTouch Ultra2. The Ultra2 offers fast testing, approximately 5 seconds. It also allows the user some advanced features, like pre and post meal glucose level averages.

OneTouch UltraSmart. The UltraSmart is aimed at people looking to make insulin adjustments. Incredibly advanced reporting features is also touted as being the only meter which helps reduce your A1C levels.

OneTouch UltraLink. The UltraLink is simply pretty cool. If you are on an insulin pump (MiniMed Paradigm Insulin Pump), this device will wirelessly send a signal to the pump to establish the right dosage based on your glucose test results.

OneTouch Verio IQ. The Verio IQ was introduced in 2012 and offers a brilliant color screen and easy navigation. The other hallmark of the meter is that it has software that monitors your blood sugar patterns so you can more easily discover trouble spots in your diabetes management.


 One Touch UltraMini One Touch Ultra2One Touch UltraSmartt One Touch UltraLink
Auto. Shut Off2 minutes2 minutes2 minutes2 minutes
Battery TypeOne CR2032Two CR2032 Two AAA Batt. Two AAA Batt.
Battery Life6-12 months6-12 months6-12 months240 Tests
Alt. Site TestingYesYesYesYes
Memory Capacity500 Tests500 Tests3,000 Tests500 Tests
Storage Temp.NANANANA
Operating Temp. 43 to 111 F 43 to 111 F 43 to 111 F 43 to 111 F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL 20 to 600 mg/dL 20 to 600 mg/dL 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size1.0 microliter1.0 microliter1.0 microliter1.0 microliter
Test Time5 seconds5 seconds5 seconds5 seconds
Weight (battery)1.4 oz. (yes)1.5 oz. (yes) 2.8 oz (yes)3.0 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches)4.25 x 1.26 x 0.673.12 x 2.25 x 0.93.8 x 2.3 x 0.93.5 x 2.4 x 1
Backlit DisplayNoYesYesNo
Coding Req.YesYesYesYes
Software Avail.YesYesYesYes
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years


ModelVerio IQ
Auto. Shut Off2 minute
Battery TypeRechargeable
Battery LifeNA
Alternative Site TestingNo
Memory Capacity 750 Tests
Storage Temp.NA
Operating Temp.43° - 111° F
Result Range20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size0.4 microliter
Test Time5 seconds
Weight (battery)1.66 oz.
Size (Inches)3.46" x 1.85 x 0.47
Backlit DisplayColor
Warranty3 Years
Coding RequiredNo
Software AvailableYes


Older models that may still be in service, but not actively marketed include the OneTouch Select, OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Basic, OneTouch SureStep, OneTouch Fast Talk, InDuo System, and OneTouch Profile.


The company is located in Milpitas, California and employs approximately 2,500. LifeScan offers its own proprietary software for its glucose meters called the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software. The software is free to OneTouch owners (you have to purchase a USB cable) and provides good tools and support. As of February 2012, the software was not MAC compatible.

The company also has an interesting and unique program called OneTouch Gold. This service is free and provides a ton of information and support for diabetics including 1,000’s of recipes, customizable meal and exercise plans and special coupons.

Lifescan’s consumer product website is called OneTouch. To get the Lifescan blood glucose meter owners manuals, you will need to go to the Onetouch site, choose the appropriate product and the appropriate manual will be available for download.