Decadent Diabetic – Apple/Cranberry/ Walnut Upside Down Cake

Neither I, nor the dozen people I asked had eaten one of these upside down cakes in years.  It is very 1960-1970’s but so homey and good I thought I would bring back this version to tempt the palate of my fellow Diabetics.

Note: I LIKE TO USE AN 8 INCH SPRING FORM PAN WELL SPRAYED TO AVOID STICKING. Remember the bottom of the pan, becomes the top of the cake so make it look pretty! *I leave it out overnight **CAKE NEEDS THIS FOR MOISTURE.

Cardamom is sometimes hard to find sometimes. If you can find it, it adds a nuance to the cake. I keep my ground cardamom frozen.

[gmc_recipe 24469]


Each serving has approximately 13g* Net Carbohydrates.

Chef Ward Alper is type 2 Diabetic who lives and eats DECADENTLY in Portland, Maine. Since his diagnosis more than four years ago he has refocused his recipes and eating to support his Diabetes health. He has maintained a consistent A1C of 5.2-5.3, while still enjoying the pleasures of eating. Chef Alper has been a professional chef in both New York City and Boston, Massachusetts.

He has a website,, where he shares stories and recipes with his fellow Diabetes and encourages them to expand their choices and take back their life and their table. His articles and recipes appear on Top Diabetes sites as well in medical newsletters across the United States. He is working with a major New York publisher towards publishing a cookbook so he can share with more Diabetics that you can take back your life and your table while still eating a Diabetic Diet and be DECADENT to boot!